We have a wide range of products, which we shape to comply with your demands reliably and calculably in the long run. With the help of our experience in illuminating engineering we have established Papillon brand.
The top grade trademark of Papillon is the application of exclusively European operators (OSRAM, HELVAR, TRIDONIC, VOSSLOH) and the ISO 9001 quality assurance manufacturing.

General lighting

AGA light, Apin, Awex, Beghelli, Brilux, Civic, Disano, EGLO, Egoluce, Emika, Erco, GE Lighting, Ghidini, Goccia, HALLA, Idealux, Imperial, iGuzzini, Klewe, Massive, Modus, Orion Leuchten, OVA, PAPILLON, Paulmann, Penta Light, Philips, Plexiform, Prelux, Prizma, Prolicht, SBP, Schréder, Simotrade, Thorn, Trilux, Unolux, Zumtobel

Light sources

Narva, Orbitec, Osram, Philips, Sylvania, Tungsram

Architectural lighting

Allum, Arcluce, Ares, Bega, Castaldi, Ivela, Lucis, Modular, Norlight, Oms/Elite, RZB, Sylvania, Staff Decor, Targetti

Sockets and drivers

A.A.G. Stucchi, BJB, Electro Terminal, ELT, ERC, Helvar, Relco, Tridonic, Vosshloh-Schwabe